iPad Air 2 DISPLAY & TOUCH Repair
February 23, 2020
Apple Lab N:1 MacBook repair in Bangladesh
Apple Lab N:1 MacBook repair in Bangladesh
May 22, 2020
Apple Repair Bangladesh

Apple Repair Bangladesh

  • Apple Repair Bangladesh Hello Apple user! Here, we come to you with an excellent Apple solution. What kind of Apple machine you using! Is this a MacBook. Is this an iMac. Is this a Mac Pro. iPhone iPad or iPod. Apple TV Apple watch or whatever from Apple. If you are using any of the above device from Apple you need one thing. What is this? You need an Apple servicing centre. You need an Apple repair centre. What is the name of this centre? This is one and only Apple Lab. The only reliable Apple repair centre in Bangladesh so far. For Apple servicing Apple Lab is the most reliable in the country. Apple repair Bangladesh, provided by Apple Lab.

What Apple Lab repair. Apple Lab repair every kinds of problems of your Apple devices. There is no any problem which Apple Lab unable to repair. So it called One in All Apple Lab. Apple repair Bangladesh, the cost effective service from Apple Lab.

Apple incorporation does not recommend repair. Apple says if faulty replace it. If any parts not functioning replace it. But Apple Lab repair your all parts of device. For this reason client have save their money. So Apple Lab is very popular to the client.

Apple Lab: Apple Lab, the specialist on Apple devices. In Bangladesh we are the oldest Apple repair centre. We are the fastest and largest in the country. We are located in the heart of the city at Dhanmondi. We cover all around the country from corporate office. The well trained engineers are travel all around Bangladesh. We have the stock of accessories. Apple repair Bangladesh, service provided by Apple Lab. We are efficient and cost effective. The other service centre are very costly. But we are client friendly. Here below the problems we can fix.

Devices: We repair MacBook Pro all models. MacBook Air all Models. MacBook all models. We repair iMac, Mac Pro. We repair Apple TV. Apple watch, iPad and iPod all models. We repair all models of iPhone. Apple repair Bangladesh, the reliable service from Apple Lab.

Accessories and Engineers: Apple Lab, has the all accessories in our ready stock. So that we are the fastest servicing centre in the country. We are the oldest and largest in Bangladesh. We are situated in the city heart. So you can locate us easily. We have a group of well trained engineers that make easy your Apple solution. Apple repair Bangladesh, high quality Apple servicing centre in Bangladesh.

Location: We, the Apple Lab is situated at Dhanmondi Dhaka. It is the heart of the City. The Apple user from Gulshan Banani can easily locate this. From anywhere of Dhaka transport is easy to reach. We cover all over the country from our corporate office.

Repairs: We repair all models include Retina and Touch bar. We repair logic board. We replace logic board. Repair processor also replace it. MacBook Pro black screen repair. Display repair. MacBook Pro all models display replace include Retina Display. Touch bar MacBook Repair. Repair graphic chip for all models. GPU issues smooth repair. Vertical line repair for MacBook Pro. We, the Apple Lab upgrade your SSD and HDD. Replace SSD and HDD for MacBook Pro. MacBook Pro not turning on, we repair it. We repair MacBook Pro cracked screen. Replace keyboard at same day. Repair specially one or two keys. Repair MacBook Pro OSX. Reset OSX. Install windows setup in MacBook Pro. In this way you can run both OS and windows. Upgrade RAM of your MacBook Pro at Apple Lab. Replace RAM for Mac. Trackpad repair/replace. Remove firmware password (On condition). Remove EFI lock (On condition). We repair liquid damage MacBook Pro. Overheating repair. Repair wireless connection error. Reformat MacBook Pro. Backup data. Data recover system. MacBook Pro freeze fix. We have the all installation service. Recover dead MacBook Pro. MacBook Pro battery repair/replace. Repair MacBook Pro 13 inch randomly shutting down. Repair touch bar when goes slow. Dim and dark screen repair. CPU cooling fan repair/replace. And all other repairs here at Apple Lab. We repair/replace charging port. Apple repair Bangladesh, the complete solution of Apple devices.

Extra Curriculum: Out of Apple devices we repair all types of gaming lapop. We setup and install high quality CCTV camera. But only corporate level. Specially we repair all problems of Drone. We repair and replace all parts of your Drone.

So, no need to pulling your hair in frustration. We are ready to help you with our team. Just call us. We shall pick and drop your devices. You can also find us in a very easy location. Try us today with your faulty Apple devices. keep safe yourself from Covid 19.



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