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January 18, 2019
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January 18, 2019

A1278 Macbook Pro Keyboard.

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A1278 Unibody Macbook & Macbook Pro Keyboard
Product Description
This keyboard will work in all A1278 model Macbook Pros. Some function keys may be different from year to year, but these will all work.Backlights are used. Keyboards are working & new, but have been pulled from unused laptops, so there will be slight signs on the underside of the keyboard that it was removed from a laptop. However, the top part that you actually see, with keys – is 100% new.If you’re used to purchasing keyboards from eBay where the shift, or enter, or random letters do not work, you’re probably buying garbage that was pulled from non-working laptops, then cleaned. This is the real deal, our keyboards work properly the first time.

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