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Belkin Fitness Armband for iPhone 7 Plus



The Belkin Fitness Armband is the first custom-fit armband built for iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Featuring a slim and breathable strap, highly reflective safety strips, and a built-in case, the Fitness Armband is the perfect companion whatever your workout. Quick and easy access to your iPhone makes it ideal for snapping a scenic photo or changing your playlist on the go. Sweat-resistant and easily hand-washable, this armband was built for everyday use for any type of workout.

Custom-fit comfort

The ultra-thin lycra strap threads through a durable metal loop, securing at the perfect length to hug your arm closely. The perforated material allows air ventilation to stay breathable, and stretches to move with your arm for added comfort. The protective case for your iPhone is rigid to provide ultimate safety for your device, but the back panel is padded for soft cushioning against your skin.

Slim and lightweight

The ultra-minimal design eliminates the bulkiness found in many armbands, to deliver a low-profile yet high-performing armband built for iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. Precise design details ensure full access to the Lightning port, Home screen, and Touch ID for maximum functionality when in use, including taking photos and phone calls.

Quick access

A badge on the strap acts as a grab point to prevent the strap slipping out of the lightweight metal loop. This makes it fast and easy to put on and take off the armband, while offering added security for your iPhone.

Added safety

Highly reflective accents on the armband provide increased visibility at night or in low light and added safety for you and those around you.

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