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Your Apple devices play an important role in your professional & personal life, but when they stop working it can bring life to a standstill. That’s when you want a professional who is reliable, trustworthy & cares about you, your device & its data.

Apple Lab is an apple repair & service outlet can get the job done quickly & effectively to get you moving again & FAST.

We’re experts in all Apple product repair, anything from iPhone to MacBook repair, Our professional technicians can perform same day iPhone repair, who use genuine Apple parts, you’ll get your product back


 Don’t panic! Macbook spill damage is serious because it corrodes sensitive electronic components, but it’s not unfixable. Liquid spill damage is repairable with us at reasonable prices. Most MacBooks leave our workshop with the customer paying between Tk 15,000 to Tk 30,000 depending on the problem.

We are able to replace the damaged components specifically and pass the savings on to you! We’ll even give you a free assessment of what is wrong!

FRIENDLY FREE ADVICE:Here at AppleLab – Dhaka we understand that your Apple Mac, iPhone, or iPad play a large role in your day to day life, if the unthinkable happens the last thing you want to be doing is waiting around for days for an appointment at your local repair shop around Dhaka city-centre. With us advise is just a phone call away, no waiting! Within seconds you INDEPENDENT REPAIRS:

independent express Macbook, iMac, iPhone, and iPad repairs in Dhaka City-Centre. While-u-wait screen repairs on iPhone, iPod, and iPad. We are freelance Apple repair, upgrade, and support specialists with over 12 years’ experience on the full range of Apple Macintosh computers and iDevices past and present. Most repairs can be carried out on the very same day. We are fast, professional, and all of the work we carry out

working exactly the way it should.

We don’t only offer repairs we also refurbish damaged Apple products and get them working like brand-new again, delivering affordable Apple devices to our customers & clients.

quotes of $750 to $1600 to repair Macbook water damage. Their claim will be that they must replace the entire

At Apple you will hear

board with an overpriced tier 3 or tier 4 repair.

comes with 90 days or 1-year warranty on parts and labour. We can even repair vintage Apple items like the iBook, Power Mac, Powerbook G4, and G5.


Simply pop in, call, email or use the form below to get in touch!


We are Independent Apple Product Repair Shop –

we believe we are your local No1 workshop for upgrades, support, and repairs of your beloved Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPhone. Our city center

walk-in repair shop offers a fast fix, and in many cases while-u-wait. When it comes to getting in touch just pick up the phone and call us on 01715240008/ 01975240008 and 01837292828. You can also send a message via our contact page and someone will get right back to you.


Your Mac is vintage
Unable to be fixed would cost too much Best to buy a new one
Not worth upgrading,
Or the logic board can’t be fixed

When you come to AppleLab the chances are your Mac can be fixed at the fraction of the cost you have been told or upgraded to run as fast as the newer 2K+ models.
We are different, Honest and trustworthy.


Buy your next refurbished Apple device at AppleLab, the safest platform to purchase refurbished products in Bangladesh. We offer a wide range of devices such as Macbook, iMac, iPhone, iPad and other Apple device at outstanding prices.

completive pricing to hundreds of satisfied customers nationwide

Has delivered over 12 years of excellent service with

specially service sector that has become incredibly competitive. AppleLab is the leading Apple products repair

. We

are passionate about everything we do,

services partner for small business and home Mac users in Bangladesh.