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Your Apple devices play an important role in your professional & personal life, but when they stop working it
can bring life to a standstill. That’s when you want a professional who is reliable, trustworthy & cares about
you, your device & its data.
Apple Lab is an apple repair & service outlet can get the job done quickly & effectively to get you moving again

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High quality parts for Apple Machine Products in Dhaka

Apple Parts section of the Apple Lab website.
Here you’ll find a number of different extensive categories of Apple PC components which
are designed to help you find the Mac computer parts that you need.
As our range is constantly being updated, we have parts for a wide variety of models and will

Mac Repair Specialists

■ MacBook liquid damage

■ MacBook with broken LCD

■ MacBook with no power

■ MacBook with no backlight

■ MacBook with broken keyboard

■ MacBook with bad Trackpad

■ MacBook with bad battery

■ MacBook with GPU problem

■ MacBook power

■ MacBook with flashing folder

■ MacBook with corrupted macOS

■ MacBook Repair in Dhaka, we fix them all…

I changed my battery, charging port and charger altogether from them almost 7 months ago. My battery turned into a balloon and and my laptop died so they changed it and the charging port so that my macbook’s charger doesn’t get damaged in the future. Their service is great. recently my charger stopped working and they gave me a replacement because of having a 1 year long warranty. I’m satisfied with their service but hope that they become more time efficient for long distance customers in the future.
Imam Mehedi

Creative Director, Daffodil

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