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IPAD Repair

IPAD Repair Replacement Service

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IPAD Repair Need your broken iPad repaired quickly and professionally? Have you got a cracked iPad screen, damaged rear case, or has your battery failed? Contact iPad Repairs and we will replace your iPad screen, your faulty speaker, power button or any iPad issue you may have.

IPAD LCD and Touch Screen Digitizer Repair Replacement Service

This repair is to replace the complete screen on your iPad , whatever the issue, faulty touch control, cracked front glass or LCD or any problem other with the screen



Has your beloved iPad met with a glass of vino or the morning cuppa? We have a great success rate repairing this!


We believe it pays to use high quality parts, to give a repair that lasts. All repairs come with a 90 day warranty.



All too often we see iPads getting ‘written off’ just because it needs one simple part fixing, we only ever replace what’s necessary.

iPad Charging & Power Issues Repair

Our iPad charging/ power issues service will get you back on track if your iPad is suffering from any of the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty inserting charging cable/ not charging at all
  • Cutting out/ turning off
  • Poor battery life

It may just need the charging port cleaning or need replacement parts, we can perform a diagnosis see if we can bring your iPad back to life!

iPad Battery Repair

Is your iPad  battery always running out of power, or struggling to charge? Let us fit a new battery for you and bring your device back to full health.

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If you’re experiencing an unexplained issue with your device, we recommend using our iPad diagnostic service. Our 24 hour diagnostic service is free of charge.